1. Always Check Seller’s Reviews

The importance of reviews can be narrowed down to one word: trust. Before making a purchase, you believe that your experience will be good. Putting aside all other factors such as price and quality, the seller’s trust is still the most important as it will help you decide if you’re buying from someone trustworthy.

2. Always Lookout for Perks and Promotions 🥳

The most important purpose that a promotion serves is that it sets a business apart from its competitors. Most importantly, it is the way online sellers communicate to the public what’s best in the store that they could offer, and how those offers are of benefits to you. Offers such as Rebates On First Time Purchase, Free Delivery, Purchase with Purchase, etc.

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3. Keep a running grocery list ✔️

Let’s be honest, online shopping is addictive, and just because you’re not going to the store yourself doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make a list. Having a list avoids impulse-buying. Grocery delivery services are in huge demand right now, and might not always be able to fill orders on time. Hence, able to plan ahead is always a good thing. Check the online grocers’ online store whether your desired delivery date is available, expect to have to wait two or three days between submitting your order and receiving your groceries.

4. Don’t order too little, but Don’t Over Order Too! 📦

If you regularly use items with long shelf lives – like certain brands of condiments, special spreads, or frozen poultries – buy several at a time to cut down on the size of future orders or avoid disappointment should the items run out of stock. On the other hand, both to avoid wastage because the items might have gone bad even before you consume them; and to show consideration for other shoppers, don’t Over-Order!! Buying three packages of a chicken drumstick at a time is foresight, but buying a dozen isn’t.

5. Consider substitutions & Always Lookout for Support

If the usual broccoli is all gone, how about something else? Be ready to substitute your usual items with something similar, or even something else that’s not on your list. Talk to the online grocer’s customer support if your exact order isn’t available. 

6. Check your items thoroughly, Clean or disinfect your groceries

During this global pandemic of coronavirus, nothing is “too cautious”. 😷Since the vegetable doesn’t grow in your backyard, it’s safe to assume that anything that’s been on the shelves or in the produce bins has been touched by numerous people. To be especially safe, disinfect packages with antiseptic spray or wipes or soap and water. Don’t use either directly on produce, though; a thorough washing with warm water🚰 for the fresh produce is enough.


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