Undoubtedly, convenience is the key driver in the growing demand for ready-to-cook meals. Many of us lack both time and Ideas for cooking during our busy days, and Ready-to-cook meal kits giving you exactly the taste of home or even chef cooked meals that would require hours of preparation. But, what do you know about Ready-To-Cook meal kits and what’s in it for you? Grovery has a guide that will help you decide.

  • What is Ready-To-Cook Meal?

What’s that? They are essentially foods that are included with all of the ingredients and pre-prep the cooking process in the package. This is especially great for those who are getting bored with eating the same dishes every time and lacking cooking ideas. So, you can start having something new and most importantly, save up the prep time so you can spend more time enjoying it!

  • Understand Ready-To-Cook Vs. Ready-To-Eat 

“Ready-To-Eat” is known to consume without any preparation, heating or cooking. Eg. delicatessens, prepared sandwiches, salads, etc. “Ready-To-Cook” foods, on the other hand, are totally different in preparation as with the expectation they will be heated/cooked and often comes with a full recipe & instructions labelled on the packaging, which retains the joy of cooking yet save tons of time without much preparation.

  • Portion Control 

When we cook at home, we can control the serving size of our meals. This way, we are likely to stick to normal serving sizes to prevent ourselves from over-indulging. The popularity of Ready-To-Cook food has grown in such high demand in recent years, not only for time-saving but also because more grocers now provide portioned fresh produce to avoid food wasting, if you rarely cook, chances are the portion size may be too much or less. Sometimes when we do grocery shopping, we might buy too much and be forced to eat the same thing for the rest of the week or worst forgotten and it has gone bad, therefore, wastage exists.

  • Know what you’re consuming and from whom you are getting them

As mentioned, Ready-to-Cook foods are often packaged raw ingredients or even frozen entrée. It’s crucial to find out what are the contents or ingredients you’re buying. As most sellers provide the list of ingredients or components that are in it. So avoid those that are missing such crucial information, and before consuming, following the package given instruction is a must. Therefore, buying ready-to-cook meals from trustworthy sellers who also sell, fresh produce is an added trust.

  • Read the entire recipe, start to finish.

Read the entire recipe — from start to finish — don’t skip! By reading through, you can also save some time by picking out steps that can be done ahead — like bringing a pot of water to boil while you’re preparing something else. If you’ve read the recipe thoroughly, you know what is coming up next and how long they’re expected to cook before you add the next thing. Trust the recipe, once the “cooking” part starts, it’s pretty impossible to slow down or pause without affecting the dish. Also, practise following the instruction you’ll be extra sure about the food safety for you & your loved ones.

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